La Lune Candy Shoppe was launched in June of 2005. Elaine Moon, with the help of her husband Tom and family, set up a small candy shop at 221 Spokane St. in Kimberley, BC.
After a great start in a business that was very new to her, Elaine was later joined by her son Steve, and together they set out to build what they hoped would become a “destination” for tourists to Kimberley. That dream was fulfilled as people from places far and near began to recommend the store to their friends and family who would be travelling to British Columbia. The Candy Shop has doubled in size and Steve, Chocolatier, manufactures a wide variety of chocolates, fudge, and other delightful confections. Truly a family operation, every member has played a part in the growth of this awesome enterprise! In the spring of 2016, the family welcomed oldest son, Chris, to join the team! The Moons continue to provide a truly nostalgic experience for their customers. As well as delicious giftable chocolates, the Candy Shop boasts a large selection of candy. Imported from different countries, there are childhood memories for many generations! The younger children are thrilled to see the amazing abundance of colorful treats! The older are often heard exclaiming “do you remember this? “I haven’t seen this since I was a kid!” So if you’re looking for a genuinely craveable taste experience, a nostalgic snack, refreshing ice cream cone or want to show off one of the best chocolate and candy stores in the area, bring your visiting friends, take their picture with the friendly tree, or watch the chocolatiers at work. You absolutely must stop by La Lune Candy Shoppe! No one will be disappointed!
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